My name is Mehmet Ergün and first of all, I'd like to thank you!

I make a lot effort for astrophotography and above all, I have a great passion to create these pictures.

I hope you like them. I just want to introduce myself shortly: I was born in Turkey in 1980 and grew up mostly in Germany. I’ve always had an interest in our universe, especially astronomy since my childhood. 

At school, my favorite subject has always been geography and I could not wait for my teachers to finish the subject of our home planet. That's when my enthusiasm for the vastness and expansion of space began to grow.

I have obtained my knowledge of astronomy autodidactically. When I was young, I spent most of my vacations at the countryside, away from the cities and the light pollution, where the view of our universe is even more beautiful, mysterious and undisguised.

Around 2010, I got my first telescope, which allowed my first glimpses into our galaxy. I wanted to share this fascinating sight with my family and friends, which led to the desire to photograph precious and seemingly timeless moments. My passion for astrophotography was born, and I started to discover just how colorful our universe really is ...

I would like to share my passion and my fascination for the extraterrestrial with you. I really hope you enjoy it!

Mehmet Ergün